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The paintings of Doug Gorrell are evidence of his determination to interpret 

and relay his vision, through decades of study and observation.

Doug started painting in the early 1970s. 

His artistic journey began in earnest in the early 1990s.

He explores the juxtaposition of Expressionism and Impressionism, 

always searching for his unique way of interpretation.

Doug prefers the wet-in-wet "Alla Prima" approach to painting. 

"There is a truthfulness and honesty to direct painting, 

creating a sense of time, evoking a sensory response by the viewer." 

There is an exceptional expressiveness 

and sensitive richness to his work that is seldom seen.

"When I am surrounded by nature, it evokes a feeling or mood in me. 

I attempt to capture the vitality and richness of the scene 

while working on the emotional context which is crucial for me."

Doug's work has won national  and regional awards. His paintings have been  published in the International Artist's Magazine, 

Master Painter's of the World, USA, Northlight's Best of Flower Painting II, 

and The Artist's Magazine Calendar, among others. 

His work is included in 100s of art collections in the 

United States and Eur

Doug's French Easel

i've enjoyed my French easel for over 20 years!

"Oil paint provides me with the versatility I enjoy in painting, from the slow drying time to thin washes or thick applications of paint 

with brush and pallet knife."

Dillard Mill 16 x 12 Oil



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